Top 5 Dining Spots on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard Dubai

Head to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, a vibrant boulevard that surrounds the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, to discover the best new additions to its dining scene.

1. Em Sherif

Em Sherif is a popular Lebanese dining spot and a more casual version of Beirut’s fine dining destination that goes by the same name. Dine on a flavourful menu of Levantine favourites. While Em Sherif has been around for some it will re-open after its renovation and will be fully licensed. Take in the views of Downtown Dubai from floor-to-ceiling windows as you dine, it’s a great palace to people watch.

2. Bohox

BohoX is a homegrown spot situated on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. This bohemian cafe is filled with plants and calming interiors and places its focus on community and creativity. The menu offers an array of vegan and healthy bites as well as fresh juices and salads made with locally sourced ingredients. Try out their coffee, the beans are sourced directly from the farmers.

* This spot does not serve alcohol

3. Bab Al Mansour

Discover the authentic flavors of Bab Al Mansour, situated opposite Dubai Opera. This exquisite Moroccan restaurant sources organically grown dishes directly from local farms. Experience traditional Moroccan cuisine, including couscous, tagines, and rfisa, prepared with genuine spices and methods. Immerse yourself in the ambiance of 14th-century Morocco with the restaurant’s regal dining setting and colorful mosaic interior. A must-try is their standout dish: couscous with vegetables and chicken. Bab Al Mansour promises a captivating and flavorful journey for discerning food lovers.

4. Jun’s

Jun’s is a new spot by third-generation Chinese-Canadian chef Kelvin Cheung. Head here to enjoy a fusion menu that blurs the boundaries between cuisines. Exciting combinations include the Persian-inspired lamb koobideh fused with Japanese tsukune (meatballs). One for the foodies, the chef’s creations and daring but delicious. Take in views of the Burj Khalifa as you dine here.

5. Asador De Aranda, Dubai

Asador De Aranda describes itself as the home of “authentic Spanish cuisine”. This eatery opened its doors in 1963 in Aranda in Castilla y Leon and already has several locations across Spain. The focus here is on natural ingredients, responsible gastronomy (sustainable processes and the ethical treatment of their animals) and slow cooking in a clay oven to improve the texture of the foods. Vegetarian dishes are available in addition to meat ones like the roasted suckling lamb or the Iberian ham croquettes and can be accompanied by soft drinks or wine.

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