Top 3 Korean Food Spots in Dubai

Hyu Korean restaurant in Dubai

Whether you’re into K-dramas, K-beauty, or K-pop, the global obsession with everything Korean is real. And if you’re on the hunt for the finest Korean food in Dubai, look no further! Top Spots Dubai has got you covered with the best recommendations in town. From delicious ramen to mouthwatering Korean gimbap, these restaurants have all the best Korean eats you crave.

1. Hoe Lee Kow

Located in the lively neighborhoud of Dubai Hills, Hoe Lee Kow invites you to Seoul through its Korean delights. Treat yourself to BBQ classics like Grilled Ori Gogi or enjoy delights such as the Haemul Pajeon (Korean-style seafood pancake) and Wagyu Steam Bun. And, of course, try the Korean Fried Chicken! End your meal on a sweet note by relishing Bingsu cakes. A meal for two will cost approx AED 425.

Location: Dubai Hills Business Park, Building 4
Contact: 04-2555142

2. Hyu

To savour authentic Korean BBQ flavours in Dubai, head to Hyu in JLT. Each table has built-in BBQ grills, ensuring you savour the true essence of Korean grills. Indulge in dishes like Yangnyum Galbi (marinated beef short rib BBQ), Kimchi Kimbab (Korean-style roll), Kimchi Jeon (Panfried kimchi pancake), Japche (stir-fried glass noodles), and more. The approximate cost for a meal for two is about AED 250.

Location: Jumeirah Lake Tower, Cluster O
Contact: 050-2273004

3. Gimi

Dubai’s dining scene is catching on to the influence of Korea, and Gimi in Jumeirah is a prime example. Gimi, which means ‘spice’ in Korean, brings you street-food-style dishes from Korea, promising a delightful experience for your taste buds. Enjoy mouthwatering dishes like Tteokbokki (rice and fish cake), Galbi Tacos (beef short ribs), Korean Fried Chicken, Nori Fries, and more. With flavours that won’t disappoint, the cost for two is approximately AED 260.

Location: Wasl Vita, 32C St, Jumeirah 1
Contact: 056-5459575

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